Sunday, November 4, 2012


On Wednesday (Halloween), we went to court to make it official. The sweet old judge gave Olivia and Jack beanie babies. When he asked what the name of the baby would be changed to, I replied Jackson Gill Schlichting and broke into tears. My little man!

The other woman in the courtroom besides our attorney Debbie and the judge was, I guess, an attorney for the state. Anyway, she commented that she agreed the adoption should be granted because I had jumped on the first flight after getting the call about the birth. This is certainly not something I, or anyone else deserves a medal for. I'm only shy of two years into this whole parenting thing, but isn't this what moms do? Jump on planes when their babies need them? It's like, chapter two in my mom handbook.

After court we took the bm to lunch with her son. Wow. Is he a piece of work. OOC (for those of you who do not teach middle school, that means out of control). Watch him break crayons in half and throw them over his head! Grab the railing and try to walk up the wall! Take off his shoes and crawl around on the floor! Olivia didn't know what to think. Thankfully she didn't think his behavior was cool.

Then off to Washington Park to see the bm's family. If you have ever been to Washington Park, Illinois, you get it. If not, I will explain to you in person. The bgm had thrown out her back earlier in the day and had been to the hospital to get cortisone shots (been there, it sucks). So we were not invited in the house, but chatted with the bgf in the yard. He's a really great guy, he kept talking about how he was lost without his wife, and couldn't even do a load of laundry without her supervision.

Exhausted and emotional, we hit the road for St. Louis. We were invited to a trick-or-treating party at Bill's daughter's house, but we were worn out. Instead Olivia had a supper of mac n' cheese and hot dogs, and put on her dinosaur costume and ran around the house. Perfect.

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