Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fussy Baby- Cause Undetermined.

Sitting in the er in Junction city ks. Our baby who never cries became hysterical about two hours ago and has barely stopped crying at all. He's burped many times- is it gas? Colic? Is there really such thing as colic?

Another nurse that looks like Katy Perry. (see post dated 1/28/11). When we finally see the doctor (whom I had to practically awaken from a catatonic state in front of his computer) he is really fat. And slow. There is something about a morbidly obese doctor that just makes him, well, untrustworthy.

By now jack has calmed considerably. Fat doctor gives him the once over and writes on his discharge papers "fussy baby- cause undetermined ". Thanks Fat Doc. Now it's official. We are those parents. You know, the ones who bring their babies to the er for gas. By the time we get back to the holiday inn, its 2 am and jack is sleeping peacefully.

But let's get back to the story, I'm sure it won't be Jack's last trip to the er.

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