Friday, November 2, 2012

Illinois- the adoption capital of the universe

On Monday, we got a call from our Illinois adoption attorney Debbie. She had spoken to the judge and he decided that we could skip the ICPC process that petitions to allow us to leave the state and transfers legal guardianship from the agency to us. And go straight to the final adoption hearing. You heard me right, sports fans. With Olivia we waited six months and went through two different home studies to become her legal parents. Jack was officially going to become our son in TWO DAYS. We just couldn't believe it. We were told it was because of our amazing reputation as parents through the Colorado agency and attorneys in Colorado and California.

Now a little about Debbie. She, an adoption attorney, her mother, a professor at Washington University in child & family studies, (the Harvard of the Midwest, I've been told) her father, a research scientist who developed the tb test still used on infants today. Her sister Susan is a social worker who used to work for a Lutheran adoption agency that would not work with same sex couples or Jewish couples who wanted to adopt. Being Jewish, this understandably bothered Susan, so with Debbie's help, they opened their own agency. Her mother, needing a retirement project, became executive director.

Amazing miracle workers if you ask me. This is all going down as Susan's 14 year old daughter is at children's hospital undergoing a barrage of tests to identify the cause of her seizure disorder.

Even now, driving down i70 towards home five days later, I can't believe it. Jack is our son!

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