Thursday, November 1, 2012

One more night in the hospital

Friday, and jeff and Olivia and mom have made plans to leave Colorado tomorrow. Jeff's dad will meet them on I-70 to get the dogs and they will be on the way! As alone as I have felt, I do feel like I have dodged a bullet in missing a two-day road trip with a 21-month old.

I envisioned our new minivan packed to the rafters with snacks and toys for Olivia, compliments of her mimi. My sweet husband is a saint. I'm sure he is looking forward to having another boy in the family.

I met jack's pediatrician and scheduled his circumcision with the ob-gyn. we would be able to leave at 11:00 the next day. Then off to our family friends beautiful home in St. Louis. I would be so relieved to see Phyllis & bill. Phyllis's daughter has also adopted, so this is not her first rodeo.

I was pretty cross-eyed by bedtime. Having nobody to share Jack's feedings
With, I hadn't gotten much sleep. The nurse offered to put jack in the nursery for a couple of hours so I could get some sleep. I awoke at 8:00 Saturday morning!

The birth parents could not sign paperwork to relinquish their rights until 72 hours after the birth. There was some concern as to whether the bf would sign. If he does not, there is a 30 day waiting period where if he does not contest, his rights are automatically terminated. Susan was going to the bm's house on Sunday for her to sign, and we didn't know if the bf would even be there. Was I worried? No. I knew the bm would sign, and even if the bf didn't, I knew he would never contest the adoption.

After visits from our attorney Debbie and the agency rep Susan (fascinating women, more about them later) we were able to leave about 4:00. One complication- I was going to have to sleep in a hotel.

I was not allowed to sleep outside of Illinois with jack until we had gotten permission from the ICPC (interstate compact.) I could take jack for visits to the show me state, just not spend the night.

Off to the drury inn.

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