Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big sister Olivia and the most amazing grocery store EVER

After a pretty restful night at the drury inn in belleville, jack and I made a quick stop at the neighborhood babies r us, then off to st Louis to bill and phyllis's beautiful home to await the arrival of the minivan full of my loved ones.

Phone rings. It's the social worker with the agency. The bm AND bf have signed the relinquishment paperwork! Hooray! One step closer to becoming Baby Jack's parents.

Trying to kill time waiting for my family to arrive, I went to the closest grocery store to lay in some supplies for Olivia. How can I describe this horn o plenty? It's beautiful with an entire cheese department. And god love any state that allows the sale of wine in a grocery store. Dierburgs. Upon checkout the overtly friendly gentleman informed me that there was live music on the weekends. And you can enjoy a glass of wine as you shop. What what WHAT? You read correctly, folks. Drink wine while you shop. That's what that drink holder thingie was for on the cart, and here i thought it was for coffee. Hilary, you still with me? It's probably a good thing that I learned of this in my sleep deprived state as I was leaving the store. If I had had a glass of wine then I would have hit the deck and not gotten up. That's okay, I'll be back, dierburgs.

Finally the family arrived and we all got to ooh and aah and kiss on the baby. Olivia was amazed and very gentle. She has become very protective of the baby around bill and phyllis's dog, Dezi.

After some homemade chili and putting Olivia to bed, it was time for jeff, jack, and I to head back to the drury.

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